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Auto palletizing machine will have a great development prospects

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2017

Despite the progress of technology and the self-awareness of production enterprises, the use of palletizing machines on the market has become increasingly high, but compared to the current number of domestic industrial processing enterprises, the use of auto palletizing machine in the feed industry, China's feed industry processing enterprises have more than a few hundred thousand, but the real use of Auto palletizing machine business share of less than 20 percent, and this phenomenon is auto palletizing machine will also have a great development prospects.

Of course, not only the feed industry, many other industry palletizer use rate is not high, especially compared with some developed countries, domestic industrial processing enterprises using fully automated palletizing machine significantly less number of enterprises. In fact, the reason for this problem is nothing more than some companies that the stacker's purchase cost is relatively high, or the advantages of the stacking machine is not enough understanding, of course, can not avoid some people on the actual effect of the auto palletizing machine doubt.

In fact, in the context of information and intelligent era, China's palletizing machine production technology has undergone a qualitative change, many domestic brands, large enterprises produced by the palletizer, in terms of both technical and performance And foreign comparable, and even some brands have catch up with international brands.

As some people think that the automatic auto palletizing purchase cost is relatively high, in fact, in the long run, the purchase of palletizing machine than the use of human handling, palletizing more cost savings, of course, depends on the use of stacking machine is too high. If it is only occasionally necessary to hire manpower for palletizing, there is no need to buy the palletizer. But from the current point of view of the application of palletizing machine is very impressive!

The operation of the palletizer must be safe, not just the safety of the palletizing robot itself, but also the safety of the operator. In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation process, the relevant operators need to do the following:

First of all, before the official operation of the palletizer, the operator must carry out preliminary testing of the equipment, mainly to detect the equipment can not run properly, the power lines are connected correctly, of course, should also be detected near the work site there are some obstacles, Some mechanical parts are not loose, etc. These issues need to be checked carefully.

Secondly, after detecting the palletizer and the surrounding working environment, and then check the lubricating system, under normal circumstances as long as the palletizing robot every day in operation, you need to check every day, if not refueling will not only cause abnormal or damaged cylinder, serious there may be a failure of the palletizer as a whole.

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