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Auto weighing machine industry to maintain a stable and rapid growth trend

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

With the continuous development of science and technology, packaging technology and packaging equipment have put forward new requirements, not only requires leak-proof, beautiful appearance also need to greatly improve the speed, packaging machinery in the circulation area is playing more and more important role. At present, the competition of packaging machinery is becoming more and more intense, and the future packaging machinery will meet the trend of industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment to improve the development of multi-functional, high efficiency, low consumption of packaging equipment, and packaging machinery technology is also moving towards the following trends :


Mechatronics is the future development trend of packaging machinery. A complete mechanical and electrical integration system, generally including microcomputer, sensor, power, transmission, actuator and other parts, it abandoned the conventional packaging machinery in the cumbersome and unreasonable part of the machinery, microcomputer, microelectronics, sensors, etc. A variety of disciplines of advanced technology into one, to the packaging machinery in the design, manufacture and control have brought profound changes, fundamentally changed the status of packaging machinery.


With the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other packaging requirements of the industry's rapid development of enterprises, packaging machinery industry has maintained a stable and rapid growth trend, the rapid expansion of market capacity. But with this, the industry is facing increasingly diversified packaging needs, packaging technology and other aspects of innovation to become the largest domestic enterprises short board, due to the big trend forced, so on the basis of the packaging machine R & D transformation of the auto weighing machine.


Auto weighing machine is more suitable for packaging condiments, milk powder, feed, medicine, additives, etc. powder or granular products. In the process of product production are the last need to package the product, different products may be different packaging methods, and for modern competition, intense market competition, manufacturing costs increase in the environment, the need is more precision, more efficient packaging machinery, because as long as these two points to enhance its product cost will be reduced, the competitiveness of enterprises in the market will increase. At the same time for the packaging machinery is fully able to meet these, and does not damage the product packaging quality, which is auto weighing machine can quickly promote, so that more companies want the reasons. Its precise quantitative, fast packaging, packaging quality of the slack, which added a lot of advantages.


Auto weighing machine is the automation, quantitative, intelligent integration as one of the packaging machinery and equipment, which uses the electrical, optical, integrated and so on the technology, more enhanced the accuracy of the device itself, the packaging efficiency, Can be packaged according to the needs of the product size specifications, etc., the speed per hour can reach 1000 bags to 3000 bags, but also save time and labor, is the best product package helper.

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