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Automated weighing function

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

In weighing reliable in the whole process of metering and automatic data acquisition, automatic detection, automatic control, automatic processing, automatic control, reduce the possibility of manual operations and the disadvantages of work intensity, improve the system of information and automation:

①. with regard to management, via summary report about the current situation of production and logistics.

II. for the accounting department, you can get a clear and accurate statement.

③. warehouse sector, then you can understand my, hair goods, and so on.

Unattended weighing system design follows the principles of openness, provides a convenient, simple operation, high efficiency of the whole system as the goal, more unified operation platform overall design, which fully embodies the characteristics of fast response but also easier for your staff to service and integrated management, leadership, management, timely understanding of statistics and information for decision-making.

Unattended weighing systems of external transport using standard TCP/IP protocols, other systems are also adopting appropriate industry standards, with other information systems for data exchange and data sharing capabilities, and fully guarantee the openness of the system.

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