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Automated weighing functions

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

1. information-gathering speed: the entire system can be realized fast and accurate weighing, eliminating the line balance and improve efficiency.

2. the convenience of owners and users: the pilot when weighing, not the same Park and down to pay bills, weighing-room operators do not have to enter information into a computer, saving valuable time for both sides, reduce driver inconvenience, Si Heng manually entered information.

3. avoid human vulnerability due to the automatic way to read data, all scale vehicles are recorded automatically by the computer, record data automatically, automatic verification, eliminating manual intervention.

4. high safety: microwave electronic label automatic identification system is used, provide globally unique ID that cannot be changed, which eliminate the duplication, forgery and cheating.

5. long life: RFID tags using passive technology, no maintenance, long service life, generally no damaged cases for 10 years.

6. practicality: the intelligent weighing system is ultimately for the production services enterprise, create benefits for enterprises.

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