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Pressure vessel in the quality, performance has made great improvement

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

Pressure vessels are widely used in chemical, energy, metallurgy, aerospace and other fields, play an important role in the national economy. Materials are the basis of pressure vessels and are a prerequisite for design and manufacture. With the development of China's pressure vessel industry, material technology has made great progress in terms of quality, strength and performance. It has played a key role in promoting large-scale equipment, lightening and energy saving.

With the increase of industrial investment projects and the continuous expansion of the scale of the project, chemical equipment in the direction of the gradual development of large-scale. Large-scale equipment will bring the land savings, peripheral pipelines and instruments to reduce, but it will inevitably lead to an increase in the thickness of steel. Thick steel plate will not only affect the quality of welding, but also bring too much residual welding stress, resulting in security risks. Reducing the thickness of the steel plate by increasing the strength of the steel is a key factor in achieving the large size of the plant. With the improvement of metallurgical level, the pressure vessel with low alloy steel in the low strength to high strength, high strength direction.

International pressure vessel industry, large enterprises, in general, along two different ways:

One way is to have an independent legal representative of the manufacturing enterprises, most of the original boiler, chemical machinery or metal structure factory on the basis of development and growth. Their product lines often cover boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines and even special equipment such as cylinders. Business scope includes marketing, research and development, design and manufacturing, engineering installation, maintenance and repair and other departments, under a number of pressure components of professional branch offices such as head, tube section, pipes, valves, forgings, instruments, and strive to standardize, serialized. They have a long history, a solid foundation, reputable, strong, with extraordinary manufacturing competitiveness, has repeatedly won the bid for China's market petrochemical process equipment.

Another way is to rely on large chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical group business or with these technology group companies close cooperation, joint bidding with two legal representative of the manufacturing enterprises. They have a strong international level of chemical engineering, petrochemical or pharmaceutical engineering transnational corporations, the formation of chemical engineering equipment, the advantages of bidding, but also in the pressure vessel in the global competition in a place.

Looking around the domestic pressure vessel industry, large and medium enterprises, on its system, mechanism, business strategy, it is gradually matching these two models. They have a solid foundation, reputable, strong, with reliable manufacturing competitiveness, the market share ofh China's market petrochemical process equipment is increasing year by year.

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