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Pressure vessel inspection

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

External examination

Also known as operation check, check the main contents are: external surface of the pressure vessel has no cracks, deformation, leakage, overheating and other anomalies; safety accessories are complete, sensitive and reliable fastening bolt is intact, all tight; basis with or without sinking, tilted and coating damage and other anomalies. External inspection is the work of inspectors and operators daily patrols in the project. Find safety (pressure parts for cracks, deformations, serious drain leakage, etc) should be stopped and promptly report to the persons concerned.

Internal and external inspection

Pressure vessel inspection this inspection must be internal and external parking and inside the container after cleaning can take place. Testing includes external inspection of the entire contents of the main content, but also to verify the internal and external surface corrosion phenomena; with the naked eye and a magnifying glass on all welds, head the transition and other stress concentration check for cracks and, if necessary, using ultrasonic or radiographic inspection weld quality measuring wall thickness. If the measured minimum wall thickness wall thickness less than container should be renewed strength, Buck proposed use or repair measures; to vessels that may cause the change of microstructure of metal materials, metallographic examination should be carried out when necessary; main bolts of high pressure and ultra high pressure vessels should use magnetic particle crack-free checks or coloring. Through internal and external inspection, the inspection and the cause analysis of defects and to put forward opinions. Repairs to reinspect. Internal and external pressure vessel inspection cycle to once every three years, but for highly corrosive media, virulent media container inspection cycle should be shortened. Found serious deficiencies in the operation of vessels and the welding quality, materials on corrosion resistance of medium capacity containers of unknown should shorten the inspection cycle.

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