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Thin-film evaporator performance characteristics

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

Vacuum pressure drop:

Material vaporized gases from heating surface to an external condenser, there is a certain pressure. In the evaporator, the pressure drop (δ p) are usually higher, sometimes even higher is difficult to accept. Have greater gas scraper film evaporator through space, the pressure in the evaporator and condenser pressure is almost equal, so a smaller pressure drop, vacuum 5mmHg.

Low operation temperature:

Because of these features, which allows the evaporation process to keep in high vacuum conditions. Because of the improved vacuum, the material boiling point rapidly, so that operations can be carried out at lower temperatures, reducing the thermal decomposition of the product.

Heating time is short:

Due to the unique scraper film evaporator structure, wiped film with pumping effect, makes the material residence time in the evaporator is very short; the other, on the heating of the evaporator due to the film's high-speed turbulence makes the products not stranded on the surface of the evaporator. Therefore, particularly suitable for heat-sensitive materials to evaporate.

Evaporation high strength:

Material lower boiling point increases with heat medium temperature difference; scraped-up unit function, reduces turbulent flow of liquid film thickness, reduces thermal resistance. The same time, and in the process inhibit item in the heating surface, scaling the wall, along with a good heat exchange and therefore improves the overall heat transfer coefficient of scraper film evaporator.

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