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Cocktail Popular In The Ming Dynasty By Distillation Manufacture Hualu Match Against Wine

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

In the late Ming dynasty, the habit of using Distiller to make nutritional gel, called Hua Lou, fragrant sauce. Following this, hualu distribution against the wine the way popular, does this count as Chinese tradition of cocktails?

The distinctive aroma of flowers, leaves, fruit soaked in wine, forming full culvert plant fragrance of wine, fruit wine, has a long history in China. Funny thing is, in turn, form a particular habit of tasting, poly banquet held when these unique sweet wine more alcohol and strong wine, shochu and together against the dollar, made "the deployment of wine", above the salt for consumption here. Novels written in the Ming dynasty and Jinhua, jasmine alcohol, wine-mixing, recipes of the diaodingji mentioned in the Qing dynasty "Shu Qi wine" with papaya wine together in a half against, as well as provisioning amount of sweet-scented osmanthus wine to the wine. This with two different wines of good appearance and distribution practices, showed China had similar cocktail wine tradition.

In particular is worthy of discussion, notes on Ming dynasty scholar Zhou lianggong min recorded in a plum sauce mixed with wine, particularly distinctive: "Laguna color rose is not self-sustaining, teach with light Goblet in question. Sniff who drop the stems exposed, cut sugar cane shop take cuan cooking. "Literature in the General only mentioned simple on new picked of plum for distillation, but min small remember is pointed out that, Ming Shi of Fujian sea Cheng people used has since into a grid of process, is put sugarcane cut a paragraph, Pu product in China traditional distillation stove Shang of Tin barrels within, again heap Shang large clean of whole flower fresh plum, then Yu stove within burning fire, slowly distillation purification.

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