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Competition And Development Direction Of Thin-film Evaporator

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

Currently, China film evaporator industry remains to volume of expansion mainly, formed has in international market in the unified level Shang of excessive competition, to change this a development way, will insisted State different of concept, in film evaporator development and technology aspects State different, can active and research units, and University for joint, common development new film evaporator project, efforts develop both at home and abroad market, into new century yilai, followed China manufacturing accelerated modern of pace, about industry people guess, Development of thin-film evaporators, China wholesale action can be seen, otherwise differentiated clearly brought a series of problems will delay the promotion of industry, giant float is bound, in line with the characteristics of the law of market economy and industrial development.

Thin film evaporators from past single variety on the pressure cooker, developed a variety of cooking thin film evaporator. After the reform, the thin film evaporators greater involvement of private capital, from the past planned economy countries of limited funds targeted distribution of investment and set up factories, and now civil consumer competition retreating until private capital dominated. Currently, Changzhou has become the industry's development system, from technology development to marketing, grab various parts, along with the Government, has formed the industrial city of Changzhou, dryers, drying equipment in the domestic reputation, I believe that as technology developing enterprises in Changzhou technology will be a step forward in the domestic space occupies a space.

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