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Development Of Safety Cause Of Pressure Vessel In China

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 20, 2017

In recent years, with the trend of economic globalization, a large number of international capital into China in the construction of large equipment engineering, and related industries for pressure vessels in China has brought both opportunities and challenges: on the one hand, the project of internationalization brings international competition, put forward higher requirements for China's enterprise survival ability; another hand, international enterprises bring management technical ability, more advanced and more rigorous and wider industry perspective, provide the conditions for local enterprises in China are closer to the international advanced level.

Under the environment of international market competition, the pursuit of profit is more urgent in Chinese enterprises. Affected by this, our pressure vessel design units, operating units and test units to work together, on the basis of ensuring the safety of the design and manufacture method, more economical, embodies the comprehensive construction ability of higher technology, promote a wider scope of the standard, and strive for national competitiveness in international trade in. Corrosion, as one of the most important factors affecting the safety of pressure vessels, is the focus of attention in the industry. Pressure vessel design units are now widely developed based on failure mode design method, which is reflected in this.

Pressure vessel technology in China has entered a period of rapid development period, due to pressure vessel corrosion problems can not be ignored, also need the industry research institutions on the existing problems, using the laboratory Union in the form of joint research work, realize the coordinated development of industry security and individual demand, and jointly promote the the development of the cause of China's safety of pressure vessels.

Pressure vessel is a comprehensive product involving many trades and disciplines. Its construction technology involves metallurgy, machining, corrosion and corrosion protection, nondestructive testing, safety protection and many other industries. Along with the development of metallurgy, mechanical processing, welding and non-destructive detection technology continues to progress, especially the rapid development of computer technology as represented by information technology, led to the development of related industries, based in the world invested a lot of manpower and resources to conduct in-depth research on the technology of pressure vessels has made some progress. In order to produce and use safer and more economical pressure vessel products, the traditional methods of design, manufacture, welding and inspection have been replaced by new technology and new products to varying degrees.

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