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Lima Auto Bagging Machine Give You An Unexpected Surprise

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co., LTD. (Wuxi Chemical Machinery Factory) was founded in 1966. It has been certified with ISO9001 in 1999 and with ISO9001:2000 in 2000. Lima holds the design and manufacture license for Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ and high pressure vessels, ASME U certificate and manufacture license of measurement instrument since 1984.


With the rapid development of agriculture, industry and pharmaceutical industry, in the past mainly by the manual completion of the packaging process is gradually replaced by automation, thereby reducing labor costs and improve work efficiency, so the quality can be improved very well. The emergence of the packaging machine to solve the above problems, Wuxi Lima focused on the packaging machine industry more than 25 years, from semi-automatic packaging machine until now the automatic packaging machine, technology gradually mature, in the domestic industry has no small influence. At present, China's packaging market or a lot of room for development, whether it is from the low-end products or high-end products, everywhere can be used to the packaging machine. With the development of China's manufacturing industry, the improvement of productivity, will inevitably need to improve the efficiency of packaging, thereby increasing production, so that packaging machinery also need to continue to improve, to complete the packaging of different products.


In order to improve operational efficiency, auto bagging machine business should be to improve the efficiency of staff productivity efforts. With the developed countries, packaging machines than in the packaging machine equipment, the Chinese enterprises no less, the gap lies in labor productivity, along with the continuous rise in labor costs, the gap on the work of the impact is even more obvious.


On the automatic auto bagging machine business, the development speed, the total economy is not considering the main factors of business conditions, packaging machine business is really effective. Only to meet the needs of consumers will have the equipment market, only high value-added equipment to bring high profits for the enterprise. Large-scale production, of course, can be achieved by reducing the cost of greater profits, but after all, huge investment, more small and medium-sized packaging machine business for innovation, development, to provide customers with more services to work hard, to reduce the current staff turnover is high, in order to win more profits.


The continuous improvement of domestic comprehensive strength, led to the development of all industries, but also to auto bagging machine industry began to accelerate the pace of development in recent years has continued to heat up, the industry has emerged a lot of large-scale, good efficiency Leading enterprises, and in the international market which also formed a certain influence, there is such a fast development, of course, there are many advantages in this regard, the demand is the most simple and clear advantage.


In bagging machinery, LIMA takes the lead.

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