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Palletizing Robot Application Development Prospect In China

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

Along with the continuous improvement of the industry, the production process pipeline. Robots are widely used in production, increased industrial production automation, intelligent, standardization, promoting the process of industrialization.

It is well known that product packaging into product packaging and transport packaging. Which ensures the integrity of the product, which ensure the convenience and safety of products circulation.

Stacking is a robotics Mechatronics products, powder and granular materials can be) in the production process of weighing, bagging, seam, down bags plastic, handling, detection, grouping all automatic packaging and palletizing operations of robot production line.

China of stacking robot from in the 1980 of the 20th century "75" technology research began started, in national of support Xia, through "75", and "85" technology research, has basic master has robot of design manufacturing technology, and control system hardware and software design technology, and kinematics and track planning technology, currently can provides full of package material expand-measurement-filling-sealing (or seal box • strapping)-stacking-winding consolidation (or strapping) stacking line of enterprise has has 40 home around.

Palletizing robot has many advantages compared with traditional packaging machinery, so the packaging has a bright future. At present, the palletizing robot is not yet very widespread application in China. According to the National Bureau of statistics shows that I owned enterprises 2,387, 31.518 million small and medium enterprises, the need for product packaging and transport packaging enterprises will not be less than 8 million. Box the human 95% of the enterprise product packaging, 98% per cent of enterprises using human and mechanical packaging-tray section. But with the increasing labor costs, to replace manual is an inevitable trend of mechanization.

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