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Palletizing Robot Palletizing Machine Market Will Rule The Future

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

At present, users usually use four different stacking ways of stacking: one is the way manual palletizing; the second is using the traditional stacker; the palletizing robot is used for palletizing; four is done using Automatic palletizing equipment stack. At present, the enterprise is more conventional palletizer, development trends, the development of palletizing robots should not be underestimated.

Palletizing robot with strong operational flexibility, is located in the posterior segment of the production line for processing small amount of different types of pallets, is somewhere between traditional palletising machine and a device between the fully automated palletizer. With the improvement of palletizing robot system reliability and other performance, at present it has to some extent comparable with the fully automatic RAM memory stacking system.

Robot Palletiser has a lot of style, but can be roughly divided into two types: fixed-base and bench type. Bench-type robots are suspended in the bench or stand on top of the beam, to be larger than the fixed base. FKI Logistex company installs the system. Bench-type robots can handle 20 different pallet, especially for end users such as chewing gum and tobacco manufacturers. Compared with the fixed-based palletising robots, robots capable of handling heavier loads, and more expensive, slower production, covers more, suitable for the big box, low-capacity production line.

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