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Pressure Vessel Classification

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Pressure Vessel Classification

Classification overview

There are many ways to classify pressure vessels, and are classified from the point of view of use, manufacture and monitoring.

(1) according to the level of pressure is divided into: low pressure vessels, medium pressure vessels, high pressure vessels and ultra high pressure vessels.

(2) according to the media is divided into: non-flammable, non-toxic; flammable or toxic; highly toxic.

(3) according to the role of the process is divided into:

① reaction container: used to complete the physical and chemical reaction of the container.

② heat exchange container: used to complete the heat exchange of media containers.

③ separation containers: used to complete the quality of the media exchange, gas purification, solid, liquid, gas separation containers.

④ storage and transportation containers: for the possession of liquid or gas materials, storage media or the balance of the role of the buffer buffer.

Classification of our country

In order to carry out scientific management and safety supervision more effectively, China's "pressure vessel safety supervision procedures" in accordance with work pressure, media hazards and its role in the production of pressure vessels are divided into three categories. And different types of pressure vessels in the design, manufacturing process, as well as test items, content and manner to make a different provision. Pressure vessel has been implemented import quality safety permit system, did not obtain import safety and quality permit of goods are not allowed to import. Should be in accordance with the latest TSG R0004-2009 "fixed pressure vessel safety technical supervision procedures" in the division, first by media into the first group of media and the second group of media, and then in accordance with the pressure and volume classification category Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ Class, old capacity of the so-called first class, the second category, the third category has not applicable.

Basic classification method

Pressure vessel classification should be in accordance with the characteristics of the media, in accordance with the following requirements to select the classification map, and then according to the design pressure p (unit MPa) and volume V (unit L), marked coordinates, to determine the container category:

Multi - chamber pressure classification

Multi-chamber pressure vessels (eg heat exchanger piping and shell, jacketed containers, etc.) are classified according to the category of high pressure chambers and are used in this category. But should be in accordance with the respective categories of each pressure chamber were proposed design, manufacturing technical requirements. When the pressure chamber is classified, the design pressure is taken from the design pressure and the volume of the pressure chamber.

1. Classification of various media containers

A pressure chamber has a variety of media, according to the group of high media classification.

2. Medium content minimal container classification

When a hazardous substance in the medium content is very small, it should be based on its degree of harm and its content to consider, by the pressure vessel design unit to determine the media group.

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