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Pressure Vessel Development Achieved Good Results

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 29, 2017

Hyundai's development in the field of pressure vessels requires that the qualifications of the designer require that pressure vessels of Class 1.2.3 be required and that they be capable of "designing according to stress analysis" or "designing according to rules". The scope of the present invention refers to "stress analysis design", in addition to the more popular computer aided design and computer aided design, such as the finite element design, parallel design, virtual design and computer aided engineering And other modern advanced technologies will all have different degrees of progress in the 21st century.

In order to meet the needs of pressure vessel stress classification, large-scale high-parameter and complex structural pressure vessels are generally inseparable from the three-dimensional finite element stress analysis. After obtaining the stress distribution curve, how to formulate the appropriate strength formula according to various failure theories needs to be kept Research and discussion. In particular, the analysis of stability in elasto-plastic failure mechanisms and the analysis of ultimate load in plastic failure mechanisms and the analysis of ratchet teeth resistance under cyclic loading are not yet mature enough.

With the advent of various composite steels, multi-functional surface materials and non-homogeneous functional graded materials, the mechanical properties of materials are no longer static values in the design process, but are constantly adjusted according to the calculated design stresses Dynamic value. Therefore, the current single system pressure vessel design and calculation software package can not be adapted, the new parallel design system will be gradually replaced. By then, the Structural Calculation and Correction System will run in parallel with the Material Selection and Retrieval System, complementing each other until the complete design is completed. As for the virtual design, it will also become an important "post-design" verification method for the pressure vessels to run simulatively under hazardous combination conditions in the chemical process to predict their effectiveness, reliability and safety.

Pressure vessel manufacturing units must hold the State Quality and Technical Supervision issued by the "pressure vessel manufacturing license" and should establish a sound quality assurance system. However, the per capita GDP and product added value of the pressure vessel manufacturing enterprises that have obtained evidence in our country are still very low, and the technical equipment, technical quality and management level are also lagging behind. In order to face the challenges and opportunities in the 21st century, to achieve the goal of optimizing product quality, reducing production costs, improving labor productivity and enhancing international competitiveness, it is necessary to promote "advanced manufacturing technology" in the pressure vessel industry. In short, in the historical period of China's accession to the WTO and the challenges and opportunities of globalization in the machinery manufacturing industry, the pressure vessel industry should also promptly improve its ability to respond quickly to the market and develop the forming and modification technologies for energy saving, material saving and green manufacturing to realize Research on automation of products and processes, the old industrial mechanism of self-restraining production processes and equipment will eventually be eliminated by the times due to the inability to obtain technical and economic benefits.

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