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Pressure Vessel Development Prospects Are Very Broad

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2018

In recent years, gradually expand the scale of the pressure vessel industry in our country, the industry increasing in value, by the national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry of policy tilt, the growth of the pressure vessel space more broad in our country. To improve the level of non-standard pressure vessel localization in China, must through the implementation of major projects, support the chemical industry, oil, etc, and nonferrous metal, paper and other industries upgrading, together form the industry development to a higher level.

In industry cluster, the pressure vessel is mainly focused on the Yangtze river delta region and northeast region. Mainly old state-owned enterprises in northeast China exhibition market main body, Yangtze river delta region in addition to a few old state-owned enterprise, mainly is the foreign capital enterprise and private economy, the increase of different economic sectors led the industry in the process of modernization in our country, development of non-standard pressure vessel industry market in China has become increasingly diversified and stable. Private enterprises such as mechanism, in the capacity of 60000 tons of heavy non-standard pressure vessel manufacturing project total investment is 1.171 billion yuan, and it is about 2.7 billion yuan, in order to meet the demand of it capacity release, instructions for non-standard pressure vessel market in China is very smooth and own a great appreciation of space.

With the advent of the 21st century, the world economic integration, the influence of the pressure vessel industry in our country has the corresponding progress in technology, increased specialization degree, plus countries in recent years, increasing the thousands ton oil refining bases megaton ethylene base and investment of large coal chemical industry base, makes the non-standard pressure vessel industry obtained rapid development, the corresponding also encouraged other areas, such as in food, pharmaceutical, textile, nuclear power, non-ferrous metal, papermaking, military industry, aerospace, and many other industries, especially in food, pharmaceutical, textile, paper and other consumer light industries have a large number of customers are stable, so the pressure vessel industry in our country's development prospects are very broad, the influence of the upstream and downstream industry also has a certain effect.

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