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Pressure Vessel Products In The International Market Circulation Industry More And More Frequently

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

Joining WTO, for China's pressure vessel industry, is a great opportunity and challenge, is an important prerequisite for participation in international competition, is the standardization work with the international standards. At present, the pressure vessel design and production technology to information technology and new materials technology-based advanced remanufacturing technology in the process of industrial applications will be a great development, especially in the existing process device will run as a result, and for the gradual transition of the process equipment to a new generation of product transformation to provide technical assurance.


The pressure vessel is a very wide range of equipment. In the petrochemical, energy, scientific research, military and other fields, are not only the existence of pressure vessel products. With the development of economic globalization, pressure vessel products in the international market circulation industry more and more frequently.


Pressure vessels generally by the cylinder, the head, flange, sealing components, openings and take over, bearing six parts constitute the container body. In addition, it is equipped with safety devices, watches and complete the role of different production processes. Pressure vessels due to sealing, pressure and media and other reasons, prone to explosion, burning fire and endanger the safety of personnel, equipment and property and pollution of the environment. Therefore, all countries in the world as an important monitoring products, designated by the state specialized agencies, in accordance with national regulations and standards of supervision and inspection and technical inspection.


The operating environment of the pressure vessel is plural, and various damage modes often occur in parallel and act as a coupling, rather than simply superimposing. The research on the synergistic effect of the relevant damage pattern is one of the key research directions of the corrosion of the pressure equipment, and also the factors that must be taken into account in the anti-corrosion problem in the real project.


China's pressure vessel technology has now entered a period of rapid development, due to various problems occurred during the pressure vessel corrosion can not be ignored, but also the industry's research institutions on the existing problems, the use of laboratory alliance in the form of joint research work, to achieve industry safety and individual needs of the coordinated development, and jointly promote the development of China's pressure vessel safety cause.

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