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Pressure Vessel To Further Develop, Made The Corresponding Progress

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

Joining WTO, for China's pressure vessel industry, is a great opportunity and challenge, is an important prerequisite for participation in international competition, is the standardization work with international standards. At present, the pressure vessel design and production technology to information technology and new materials technology-based advanced remanufacturing technology in the process of industrial applications will be a great development, especially in the existing process device operation.

Pressure vessel is a multi-industry, multi-disciplinary integrated products, its construction technology involves metallurgy, machining, corrosion and anti-corrosion, non-destructive testing, security and many other industries. With the metallurgical, mechanical processing, welding and non-destructive testing and other technologies continue to progress, especially in computer technology as the representative of the rapid development of information technology, led the development of related industries in the world; put a lot of manpower and resources for in-depth study.  On the basis of the pressure vessel technology has also made the corresponding progress.

With the further development of the pressure vessel, the design boundaries of the extreme service environment need to be expanded, and the change will lead to the change of the failure mode and the design criterion. This change not only promoted the development of materials science, but also caused the existing selection criteria and the applicability of the relevant corrosion concept gradually out of line with the actual project development. Large-scale means that the use of new materials, changes in design methods, the improvement of manufacturing equipment requirements, and the complexity of the inspection process; high parameterization means that the boundaries of extreme, highly corrosive environment involved; complication means that the structure of complex , complication of operation and complication of damage mechanisms.

In order to produce and use safer, more economical pressure vessel products, traditional design, manufacturing, welding and inspection methods have been and are being replaced by new technologies and new products to varying degrees, while metallurgy, machining, welding and non-destructive detection of pressure vessels related to the technical progress of the industry, the pressure vessel industry is the prerequisite for the overall technical level.

Market economy fierce competition and pressure vessel products inherent harsh requirements, making the production of pressure vessel products more and more specialized, followed by the emergence of standard parts manufacturing, supply units, such as professional head factory, pipe factory, heat treatment units, non-destructive testing units, etc., which are independent of the factory and units, making the production of pressure vessel products more efficient, more effective detection. Therefore, the direction of the development of pressure vessels to be cause for concern, embarked on a more efficient and intensive approach.

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