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Robot Palletizer Can Greatly Improve The Efficiency Of Packaging Box Packaging

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

Automatic stacking machine allows packaging box packaging efficiency significantly improved, you can achieve simple operation, convenient maintenance and repair are, failure is small, easy to handle.

Automatic palletizer is a huge advantage

1. a robot more than can be achieved using

In some sterile environment, using these automatic robot is a good choice, two scanner configuration above the stacker, transfer shipping above is a sampling read bar code, product and delivery varies according to 3 pallets stacked above each box.

2. weight match

These are is in using no bacteria vaccine processing zhihou, will these loaded 100 branch of slot above, these can through stacking machine to for operation, such both aspects and security, and also not need personnel to contact these drug, robot stacking machine also not like workers as work zhihou on for clothes, these in stacking machine Shang is not need of, such has save has many time and costs.

3. designed to take into account health requirements

Robot Palletiser solutions can create real benefits, food, pharmaceutical industry, if you use a robot palletizing machine, will make the production rate to be significantly improved, and these need to be safe and healthy design robots, robots were welcomed by more and more people like this. Health of these devices depend on food security and health conditions, which can also save production costs and reduce maintenance costs.

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