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Short-path Distillation In The Use Of Very Energy-saving, Beautiful, Easy To Operate

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 30, 2017

Short-path distillation is a relatively new separation technique that addresses the problems that many conventional distillation techniques can not solve. Molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which can operate under very high vacuum. It can separate the liquid at a temperature much lower than its boiling point according to the difference of the mean free path of the molecule. It is especially suitable for High boiling point, heat-sensitive and easily oxidized system separation.

Because of the distillation temperature is lower than the boiling point of the material, distillation pressure is low, short heating time, high degree of separation, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of separation of high-boiling materials and heat-sensitive materials technology, excellent protection of the characteristics of thermal materials quality. The molecular distillation equipment, especially for the extraction of natural health products, etc., can get rid of the shackles of chemical treatment methods, truly maintain the natural characteristics.

Short-path distillation are often used for the separation and purification of temperature-sensitive, labile compounds by controlling the system's high vacuum to effectively control the boiling point of its feedstock, using its specially structured vaporizer during operation The material is rapidly condensed and separated after passing through the heated surface of the evaporator in a continuous and rapid manner. So that you can effectively achieve the separation of temperature-sensitive substances purification.

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