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Short Path Distillator To Complete The Distillation Process With A Unique Structure, And Get Good Results

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

In a number of distillation equipment, we have been more familiar with the thin film evaporator, short path distillator, there are internal liquid membrane distillation equipment and centrifugal distillation equipment, they are a unique structure to complete the distillation process, and get more good distillation effect.

First of all, the determination of the heating area of the short path distillator is mainly determined by factors such as material balance, heat balance, heat transfer calculation and the form of the process used. Secondly, it is about the choice of the waste steam condenser in the short path distillator. Recycling, it is recommended to use indirect condenser, such as tube-type, spiral plate heat exchanger; but if the lack of steam recovery, direct condenser on it.

The process of the short path distillator is not used, and the effect is different. In the downstream operation, the pressure of the after-effect evaporation chamber is lower than that of the former, and the pump power required for the transport of the solution is small. As the effect of evaporation temperature is relatively inefficient, so before the effect of the solution into the post-effect, will flash out part of the steam, so the less steam consumption.

But also take into account the short path distillator in the use of downstream flow, the latter part of the high concentration, low temperature, increased viscosity, heat transfer rate is small, it is not suitable for processing heat-sensitive materials, not suitable for the temperature and concentration, corrosive enhanced material. Countercurrent operation is just the opposite, but the required efficiency of the pump power, steam consumption and more.

With regard to the selection of the short path distillator efficiency, the main factors to be considered are the amount of treatment, the increase in the boiling point of the evaporated material, and the number of the equipment. The greater the efficiency, the smaller the steam consumption, the higher the investment in equipment; when the boiling point of the increase in the value of the case, you can reduce the efficiency of short path distillator.

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