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Study On The Separation Of Free TDI From Polyurethane Curing Agent Of Thin Film Evaporator

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

Isolated by high vacuum levels of thin-film evaporator TDI (toluene diisocyanate)-TMP (trimethylol propane) based on the test of free TDI in firming agent, conducted a pilot study. The discussion on major factors affecting the separation and determines the optimum operation conditions. And equipment is adapted for realisation of continuous production. The curing agent diluted with solvents after separation, the product content of free TDI content of less than 0.5%,-NCO is greater than 12.8%, solid content is greater than 75%, achieve the purpose of separation.

Polyurethane curing agent widely used in paints, adhesives, and various materials, TDI-TMP curing agent are the largest category of Pu curing agent. However, generally contain more than 2% of domestic TDI-TMP hardener free TDI. Free TDI is a highly toxic substance, is very harmful to the human body. GB18581-2001 provisions implemented in China since 2002, content must be less than 0.7%[1 of free TDI in firming agent], and required content of free TDI in developed countries is lower than 0.5%, the so-called toxic levels. Reducing free TDI content summed up a molecular sieve adsorption method [2], extraction [3], chemistry [4], thin film evaporation method. Among them, thin film evaporation is the most cost effective, has been widely used in developed countries. Scholars also conducted a lot of research on thin film evaporation, have made breakthroughs in small trials [5]. But the small amount of processing small, has not reached the level of industrialization. While pilot was intermittent, low production efficiency, wasting large amounts of solvent cleaning equipment after every separation. In response to these questions, this article on the success of pilot, conducted a pilot study, discusses the factors that affect the evaporation effect, determine the optimum operating conditions and the transformation to the device, the successful implementation of continuous production.

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