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The Auto Weighing Machine Has High Working Efficiency And Guaranteed Quality

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Powder material is one of the main applicable objects of auto weighing machine. When the equipment is packing the similar material, it must pay attention to control the working frequency of the packing machine. If the automatic packing machine is blocked due to special reasons, it should be solved in time.

You know, the motor configuration adjustment and auto weighing machine working frequency, if using the stepper motor, it is recommended that its frequency to 7 thousand or less, in order to facilitate the operation as far as possible to maintain the material characteristics of the case. But if the automatic quantitative packaging machine is servo motor, then because of the servo motor driving force is larger and the speed is faster, the frequency and speed must be lowered to complete the guarantee.

If the packaging material itself is particularly easy to melt it, or recommend the use of special packing machine, such as hot melt powder packing machine, thus ensuring the speed is not in use sticky material, so the quality of material adverse effect.

In addition, the jam problem of auto weighing machine, can be improved from the cup, the cup under the platform can be destroyed; if to do so or not alleviate the clogging problem of packing machine, it is necessary to consider the material cup for the replacement of a large.

auto weighing machine has higher precision, mainly because of the measuring sensor, although it is only in the equipment auxiliary device, but the packaging accuracy has a direct impact, so it should be paid more attention, in addition to the sensor quality standards, the installation must also be in place.

If two sensors are used in the same automatic weighing machine, the two sensors are required to bear the same point on the same level, and the line between them should be parallel to the axis of the cylinder. If there is only one sensor working in the automatic weighing machine, the sensor should be placed on the center line of the body and installed vertically.

At present, there are two kinds of measuring sensors used more, one is radial bearing type sensor, and the other is shear bearing type sensor, and their installation standards in automatic quantitative packaging machine are different. For example, the former should ensure that the sensor longitudinal axis and level scale vertical state, and only bear vertical load packing machine, and the latter to Baocheng bearing surface parallel to the horizontal plane and sensor without tilt phenomenon, at the same time only bear vertical load equipment.

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