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The World's First Four Generations Of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Installation Success

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

The world's first high-temperature gas-cooled reactor pressure vessel 20th demonstration project successfully hoisting shidao Bay nuclear power plant in China, marking the demonstration engineering of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor in China-building and nuclear power equipment manufacturing made significant breakthroughs on both.

Shandong shidao Bay nuclear power plants from China Huaneng group, nuclear construction group and Tsinghua University joint venture construction, planning and construction of a 200,000-kilowatt high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant, is China's independent intellectual property rights the first high temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration power plant, is also the world's first fourth-generation nuclear systems safety characteristics of high temperature gas-cooled reactor for commercial-scale power plant model.

The reactor pressure vessel is one of the core components of nuclear power plants, are important barriers to ensure safe operation of the reactor. This lifting of the pressure vessel is about 25 meters high and weighs about 610 tonnes, is currently the most difficult in the world, biggest, heaviest weight of nuclear pressure vessels.

Demonstration power plant pressure vessel used by the Shanghai Electric limited independent development of nuclear power equipment manufacturing, fill a gap in China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing, indicates that China's nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity has made new breakthroughs, commercialization for high temperature gas-cooled reactor to provide a solid guarantee.

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