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Thin Film Evaporator Operating Procedures

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

Thin Film Evaporator Operating procedures

What are the operating procedures for thin film evaporators?

What are the operating procedures for thin film evaporators?To this end, Xiaobian consulted Wuxi Lima petrochemical equipment professionals, to carry out professional guidance, so that Xiaobian introduced more professional, but also allow you to better study.

Wuxi Lima petrochemical equipment professionals told us that the film evaporator operating procedures can be divided into the following parts:

1. Prepare before driving

(1) the general product before the factory has been hydraulic test and test run, and the indicators meet the requirements.

(2) start the motor, observe the motor running direction is correct, should be clockwise rotation, can not be reversed.

(3) to measure the radial swing of the shaft and axial string momentum is to meet the requirements, and check the seal is tightly sealed.

(4) whether the oil level of the reducer is in the normal state, whether the mechanical seal cooling water is kept open.

2. normal driving

(1) open the circulating cooling water pump, so that the condenser is running. Then open the concentrate container and vacuum the valve.

(2) open the feed valve, into the liquid. Turn on the power, start the motor, and observe whether the direction of rotation of the motor is correct.

(3) steam valve slowly open, connected to the trap, making the steam pressure of about 0.15MPa.

(4) observe the evaporator discharge situation, wait until the device stable operation for 5 minutes, the concentration of concentrated liquid sampling analysis, if the concentration is not compliance, then adjust. When the liquid level of the concentrate container is full, it should be switched to another, and the steps are switched.

3. normal parking

The normal stop sequence is: Close the steam valve - Close the feed valve - After the material is discharged, close the discharge valve - Flush of the equipment - Shutdown - Stop the circulating pump, jet pump - Open the vacuum damper The

4. Safety Precautions

(1) In the absence of liquid or liquid material is full, can not start the motor for mixing.

(2) the motor is strictly prohibited reverse operation, running, you can not touch the rotating parts.

(3) can not use wet hands to press the button to prevent electric shock.

In recent years, the demand for radiators in the market is growing, especially the home-type radiator is more favorable, making the major manufacturers are very competitive, for the installation of home heat sink is also a set of standard , Rather than get the hand can be used to install, here Xiaobian to provide you with several installation of the radiator, a good way to solve the heating problem.

1, in strict accordance with the provisions of the radiator heating system of the branch pipe and the center of the inlet and outlet to meet the requirements, as much as possible to reduce the elbow 90 degrees.

2, in advance to prepare the steel material of the radiator hook, plug, level, wrench and other tools, under normal circumstances, the radiator at the time of the factory has been equipped with a hook, each group has two, radiator The distance between the back and the wall is about 30mm.

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