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Thin Film Evaporator Technology Continues To Improve, The Effect Of A Substantial Increase

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2017

Each kind of mechanical equipment research and development success is used to save the human labor force, but also the progress of science and technology, the evaporator is also a mechanical equipment, with the role of refrigeration, like refrigerators, air conditioners and other electrical research and development, living standards have been greatly improved. There is an indelible role in the evaporator, of course, the evaporator can also be used in other areas has a very important role, such as in industrial applications, without improving the industrial equipment technology, but also to promote the development of production.

 If the use of single-thin film evaporator from the classification, then the main can be divided into forced circulation of multi-effect thin film evaporator, and the ordinary multi-effect thin film evaporator. The stage of the evaporator is based on the addition of an extracorporeal pump. Under normal circumstances, with a heat pump dual-effect evaporation system in energy consumption, the actual and three-effect evaporation system is basically the same, the material can be evaporated in the entire tube flow rate, and the heat transfer effect of a substantial increase, increased the strength of evaporation. And the forced circulation of the thin film evaporator can be used in the evaporation process, the emergence of crystalline or non-heat sensitive materials.

 Thin film evaporator separation technology is a modern chemical production technology is one of the very important technology, the product at work when the need to be separated according to the characteristics of the material, in the process of separation will be on the material quality and consumption will be very large. The impact of the equipment in the work of its heat transfer coefficient is relatively high, the evaporation of the temperature is relatively low, the material will stay relatively short time, the thermal efficiency will be relatively high, in fact, products used in the manufacturing industry is a lot of advantages, such as the efficiency of the product heat transfer will be very high and the speed of evaporation is relatively fast, very suitable for the evaporation of some heat-sensitive substances, equipment, high evaporation intensity, the processing of the material's own boiling point is relatively low, so will directly increase the temperature difference between the same heat medium, the function of the product can reduce the turbulent state of the liquid film thickness, directly reduce the thermal resistance of the device, while at the same time, in the process of inhibition of material in the evaporator. The process of heating has been fouling and has a good heat exchange function, so we can improve the total heat transfer of the product number.

 Material appears to be vaporized to the external condenser, which there will certainly be a certain pressure in the middle, this pressure drop is generally higher in the case, sometimes the height is difficult to accept, the device has a large of the gas flow space, the pressure inside the device evaporator with the condenser pressure is equal, so the pressure drop is very small when the vacuum will be higher. In the control of the temperature can be obtained in the conclusion: the equipment in the evaporation process, we only guarantee relatively high vacuum conditions, because the height of the vacuum increases, the boiling point of its material will appear to reduce the situation, so the operation can be finished. The temperature is relatively low, so that you can directly reduce the thermal decomposition of the material.

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