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Thin Film Evaporator The Operation Flow

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

 Thin Film Evaporator Thin film evaporator is a type of evaporator, characterized by the material liquid along the heating tube wall was membrane-like flow and heat transfer and evaporation, the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, evaporation speed, material retention time is short, so particularly suitable for heat Evaporation of matter.

    one. installation

1. The product has been carried out before the factory test, the user can lift the whole device to the equipment on the basis of.

2. The equipment should be flat, leveling position can refer to the reducer rack plane. And the equipment fixed on the floor or steel frame.

3. For larger equipment in order to increase the stability of the equipment, the upper part of the upper flange at the appropriate location, increase the horizontal direction of auxiliary support, auxiliary fulcrum only limit the radial displacement of the device, without limiting its axial displacement.

4. According to the process requirements of the preparation of a good pipeline, clear foreign body, cleaning replacement equipment, connected to power.

two. Ready before driving

1. The product has been tested before the factory has been hydraulic test and test run, the indicators meet the requirements of the drawings.

2. Thin Film Evaporator Jog the motor to check whether the agitation is in accordance with the direction of rotation required for the pattern. The top view is clockwise and not reversed.

3. Determine the radial swing and axial string dynamics of the shaft at the mechanical seal, and conform to the pattern requirements. And check the top of the mechanical seal and the cap is tightened, and the cap should be in a tight state.

4. Check the reducer oil level, the oil level should be within the normal level.

5. Check the mechanical seal cooling water is smooth.

three. Normal driving

1. Turn on the recirculating cooling water pump so that the hydraulic jet condenser is in operation. Open the concentrate container and evacuate the vacuum valve.

2. Open the feed valve, from the high slot to rely on the vacuum to the material into the equipment.

3. Turn on the power, start the rotating film evaporator motor, observe the motor rotation direction is correct.

4. Slowly open the steam valve, so that steam into the jacket, from the bypass valve to exclude non-condensable gas within the jacket, and then connected to the trap. Adjust the steam pressure around 0.15Mpa.

5.Thin Film Evaporator From the bottom of the mirror to observe the situation, is strictly prohibited in the equipment is full of liquid running.

6. After 5 minutes of stabilization, the concentration of the concentrate is sampled and the concentration of the feed valve is adjusted so that the concentrate reaches the desired concentration.

7. When the liquid level of the concentrate container is full, follow the steps to switch to another container.

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