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Thin Film Evaporator To Achieve A Sustained, Stable And Rapid Development

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

As we all know, the reaction equipment is very important link chemical in the development process of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry, so there is a broad space for development. In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry, stainless steel reactor as one of the mechanical, the role is also increasingly widespread. In recent years, China's pharmaceutical and chemical industry has been expanding, product sales revenue, assets, enterprises and the number of practitioners increased significantly, the industry generally showed a good momentum of rapid development.

China's chemical industry to accelerate the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, to achieve a sustained, stable and rapid development in the protection and promotion of people's health, response to natural disasters and public health events, promote economic and social development has played an important role.

Thin film evaporator in the process of its inhibition of the material in the heating surface of the wall and fouling, in use will be accompanied by good heat exchange, so to a certain extent, effectively improve the equipment's total heat transfer coefficient, material vaporization from the heating surface to the external condenser, there is a certain pressure. The temperature of the thin film evaporator is very low during the operation, so that the equipment can be kept under high vacuum conditions during the evaporation process. As the vacuum increases, it is easy to reach the boiling point of the material. So that the operation can be carried out at a lower temperature.

Thin film evaporator manufacturers become more and more, but each of the technology is uneven, now effective with the development of science and technology, the performance of its products more and more to be improved. Each company's products have different advantages, in the purchase of products, we must choose their own!

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