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Thin Film Evaporator With The Unique Advantages

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 09, 2017

The scraper-type thin-film evaporator is a new type of high-efficiency evaporator that is forced into a film by a rotating scraper and can be subjected to falling-film evaporation in a vacuum. It has large heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation intensity, short over-current time and large operation flexibility. It is especially suitable for the evaporation and concentration of heat-sensitive materials, high-viscosity materials and easily-crystallized granule-containing materials, degassing and desolventizing, and distillation and purification.

Scraping thin film evaporator has the unique advantages of ordinary membrane evaporator unmatched:

First, the pressure loss is very small, when we scraper-type thin film evaporator rotation, the material and steam are two completely independent channels, and the material is down along the inside of the barrel down, and The steam is circulated from the middle of the barrel and leaves the evaporator without any hindrance, so the pressure loss is very small.

Second, you can effectively achieve the vacuum operation, as the secondary steam is directly from the evaporation surface to the condenser, so the resistance is also very small, can effectively ensure the evaporation of a high degree of vacuum cylinder, the basic vacuum System, because the degree of vacuum is constantly increasing, effectively reducing the boiling point of the material being processed.

Third, with high heat transfer coefficient, and higher evaporation intensity, because the material in the boiling point continued to decrease, while increasing the temperature difference between the heat medium, showing the turbulent state of the liquid film, but also the heat Resistance to reduce the same time, also inhibited the material in the internal scaling and coking phenomenon, the most important is the evaporation tube in the heat transfer system to enhance.

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