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Auto Weighing Machine To Refined And Diversified Development

Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2018

With the continuous development of science and technology, packaging technology and packaging equipment have put forward new requirements, not only require leak-proof, beautiful appearance also need to greatly improve the speed of the packaging machinery in the circulation of playing more and more Role. At present, the competition of packaging machinery is becoming more and more fierce. In the future, the packaging machinery will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation to promote the overall improvement of packaging equipment and develop multifunctional, high efficiency and low consumption packaging equipment.

Mechatronics is the future trend of the development of packaging machinery. A complete mechatronic system, generally including the microcomputer, sensors, power, transmission, actuator and other parts, it eliminates the tedious and unreasonable part of conventional packaging machinery, and machinery, micro-computer, microelectronics, sensors, etc. The integration of advanced technologies from a wide range of disciplines has brought profound changes in the design, manufacture and control of packaging machinery, fundamentally changing the status quo of packaging machinery.

Commercial products have been refined and diversified. Under the environment change, diversified and flexible packaging machines with various switching functions can meet the market demand.

Make full use of the original model modular design, in a short period of time to convert new models.

The current packaging machinery manufacturers generally use PLC dynamic load controller, although the great flexibility of PLC, but still does not have the power of the computer. The future of packaging machinery must have multi-functional, easy adjustment and other conditions, the intelligent computer-based instruments will become the new trend of packaging controller.

At present, China has several automatic quantitative packaging machinery company reached this level. My company's automatic quantitative packaging machinery have been used to locate the high-performance dual inverter and precision positioning performance of the dual AC servo control system and PLC control system, through the "man-machine dialogue," the replacement of products to adjust simple, accurate, Stable, the Chinese prompt to make the settings.

Due to the automation and intelligent realization of automatic quantitative packaging machine, the company solved the problems such as the mobility of personnel and the technical and quality requirements, reduced the cost of the company and raised the benefit of the company, which greatly promoted the long-term development of the company.

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